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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School


At pre-school during the spring term we will be focusing on the following topics:


We will be looking at the season of winter and doing some ice play and winter pictures. Near the end of the Spring term pre-school will start to look at the season of spring and all the changes we can see in the environment around us. We will go on spring walks and talk about new life and have a baby lamb to visit.


At the beginning February, we will introduce Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated.  We will extend our continuous provision in the home corner to include Chinese food, utensils, and clothing and decorate with lanterns and images. As a group we will prepare and cut vegetables to make a stir fry for us to eat at snack time.


Other days of significance that pre-school will touch on are Valentine’s day, St David’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) and Mother’s day.

The children at pre-school have been learning how to sign their name during the Autumn term and have managed this successfully now so we are now going to build on this.


To encourage and boost language development we are having a Nursery Rhyme and story book week.


Throughout the term we are going to promote listening skills with various activities at large group time.  Finally we will have an ICT week and introduce the many and varied ICT equipment that we have recently acquired.

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