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Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4


Happy New Year!


During the spring term year 4 will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and considering how decisions that were made then still impact our lives today. The children will have a homework project to complete about Greek Architecture. During English lessons we will be reading Greek myths and legends.


Maths lessons will be focused around multiplication and division, fractions and decimals. It is also vitally important that year 4 children continue to learn and practise their times tables.


Other activities include making pop-up books and investigating the digestive system. During March we will be taking part in a ‘Friends of the Earth’ week where the children will learn about plastic pollution.


Year 4 is led by Rebecca Foster, Catherine Greenall, Lorraine Howarth, Miss Remnant, Carole Quill and Caroline Hindle.


Year 4 Welcome Booklet



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