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Our Subject Leader for PHSE is Mrs Becky Gibbs

‘As a Christian school, St Martin and St Mary is an inclusive and happy community; nurturing confidence, a thirst for learning and resilience in a safe loving environment. Our priority is developing the whole child spiritually, emotionally, physically and academically to live the most rewarding life.'


Our PSHE education programme promotes our school ethos and is underpinned by the school values of ‘Friendship, Love, Forgiveness, Trust, Honesty and Faith’. We believe that PSHE should enable children to become healthier, more independent and more responsible members of society. We encourage our children to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing, we help develop their sense of self-worth. We teach them how society is organised and governed. We ensure that the children experience the process of democracy through the election of class representatives, who make up the ‘School Council’. They are encouraged to voice their views, ideas and opinions through this process, thus making a positive contribution to the school community. We teach children both about their rights and about their responsibilities. They learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse and multicultural society.

The Journal - (our very own) PSHE Magazine


A team of children from Upper Key Stage 2 drafted and published a PSHE guide for our school - please have a look inside to learn about this important part of life for everyone in our school.

PSHE and wellbeing long-term plan based on SCARF half-termly units and related key themes  



Year/Half-termly unit titles


Me and my Relationships


Valuing Difference


Keeping Safe


Rights and Respect


Being my Best


Growing and Changing




What makes me special

People close to me

Getting help

Similarities and difference

Celebrating difference

Showing kindness

Keeping my body safe

Safe secrets and touches

People who help to keep us safe

Looking after things: friends, environment, money

Keeping by body healthy – food, exercise, sleep

Growth Mindset


Life stages

Girls and boys – similarities and difference







Getting help

Classroom rules

Special people

Being a good friend

Recognising, valuing and celebrating difference

Developing respect and accepting others

Bullying and getting help

How our feelings can keep us safe – including online safety

Safe and unsafe touches

Medicine Safety


Taking care of things:


My money

My environment

Growth Mindset

Healthy eating

Hygiene and health


Getting help

Becoming independent

My body parts

Taking care of self and others






Bullying and teasing

Our school rules about bullying

Being a good friend


  Being kind and helping others

   Celebrating difference

 People who help us

  Listening Skills

Safe and unsafe secrets


Appropriate touch


Medicine safety




Online safety

Looking after money – saving and spending

Growth Mindset

Looking after my body

Hygiene and health

Exercise and sleep

Life cycles

Dealing with loss

Being supportive

Growing and changing





Rules and their purpose


Friendship (including respectful relationships)

Coping with loss

Recognising and respecting diversity

Being respectful and tolerant

My community

Managing risk

Decision-making skills

Drugs and their risks

  Staying safe online

Skills we need to develop as we grow up

Helping and being helped

Looking after the environment

Managing money

  Keeping myself healthy and well

  Celebrating and developing my skills

 Developing empathy


Changing bodies and puberty

Keeping safe

Safe and unsafe secrets




Healthy relationships

Listening to feelings


Assertive skills

Recognising and celebrating difference (including religions and cultural difference)

Understanding and challenging stereotypes

Managing risk

Understanding the norms of drug use (cigarette and alcohol use)


Online safety

Making a difference (different ways of helping others or the environment)

Media influence

Decisions about spending money

Having choices and making decisions about my health

Taking care of my environment

My skills and interests

Body changes during puberty

Managing difficult feelings

Relationships including marriage






Friendship skills, including compromise

Assertive skills


Recognising emotional needs

Recognising and celebrating difference, including religions and cultural

Influence and pressure of social media

Managing risk, including online safety

Norms around use of legal drugs (tobacco, alcohol)

Decision-making skills

  Rights, respect and duties

  relating to my health

  Making a difference

  Decisions about lending, borrowing and spending


 Growing independence and taking ownership

Keeping myself healthy

 Media awareness and safety

 My community


Managing difficult feelings

Managing change

How my feelings help keeping safe

Getting help







Safe/unsafe touches

Positive relationships

Recognising and celebrating difference Recognising and reflecting on prejudice-based bullying

Understanding Bystander behaviour

Gender stereotyping

Understanding emotional needs

Staying safe online

  Drugs: norms and risks (including the law)

  Understanding media bias, including social media

Caring: communities and the environment

Earning and saving money

Understanding democracy

  Aspirations and goal setting

  Managing risk

 Looking after my mental health



Coping with changes

Keeping safe

Body Image

Sex education