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Our school is a Kidsafe registered school and Mrs Charlotte Casey and Mrs Louise Swindlehurst are both accredited trainers.

The primary purpose of the Kidsafe programme is to equip our children with simple, yet effective skills to keep themselves safe from harm without shattering their innocence.


The programme is delivered in the classroom with active participation from class teachers. The course material is always age appropriate with key messages delivered through the use of media, including song, rhyme and action, puppetry, group discussions and worksheets.


Prior to any of the sessions all parents are invited to a general information session about the programme.


When a year group is about to be delivered the program they will be given a letter explaining the sessions and parents have the option to opt out of this for their children.


Autumn  - Year 4 & Year 6 Full programme and Cyber Bullying to Years 5 & 6


Spring  - Reception and Year 2 Full programme and follow up sessions Year 4 & 6


Summer  - Follow up sessions Reception & Year 2 and Cyber Bullying Year 4