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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

At St Martin and St Mary CE Primary School we aim to recognise the individual needs of all pupils and give them equal opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

Children make progress at different rates and have different ways in which they learn best.  When planning lessons, your child's teacher will take account of this by looking carefully at how they organise their lessons, classroom, books and materials.  The teacher will then choose suitable ways to help your child learn from a range of activities.

If you have any worries about your child, please talk to your child’s class teacher.  You may also talk with the person in school responsible for help for children with special educational needs (SENCO) or the headteacher. 


You could ask them if:

The school thinks your child is having difficulties
Your child is able to work at the same level as others of the same age
Your child is already getting extra help
You can help your child.

If a child consistently has more difficulties in learning than most children of their age, there is plenty of help and advice available. Many children will have special needs of some kind during their education.

Please read the parent information links for further information.


Link to Cumbria Local Officer :