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Year 6

Year 6 is led by Mike Corrie and Nat Norris and is supported by Caroline Hindle, Sarah Clarke and Carole Quill who cover PPA time for Year 6 teachers on Thursday afternoons each week.


We are busy this term investigating and exploring Evolution and Adaptation and the role of Charles Darwin, this is introduced before our County Show visit where we investigate how animals have evolve and being breed.  Once we have investigated and analysed our findings the children will produce a comprehensive project on two animals with contrasting habitats.  We also look at the work and life of Charles Darwin and combine it with writing in English to produce a high quality biography.


We will also be taking part in a Wellbeing Week as part of a whole school approach.  In year 6 we will be looking particularly at healthy eating and first aid which will be taught by England Hockey, we will also be looking at features of a leaflet in English and using these skills to produce a leaflet promoting wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.  We will be looking at the layout and presentation during Art.


We will be making our first trip to the Lakes School to begin our Tenner Project, where groups will begin to think about their products and making a profit for charity.  This project is always exciting and gives us an opportunity in year 6 to make as much profit as we can.


One of the most exciting projects we do is our cars project.  We will plan, design and create our electric cars ready to race in our December Grand Prix.  To sneak a preview of the designs be sure to witness our spectacular class assembly on the 22nd November at 9am!


All in all a full and exciting term with lots going on.