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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School

Year 6

Autumn Term


Year 6 is led by Mr Corrie and Mr Norris and is supported by Mrs Quill, Miss Hicks, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Noble.


Autumn Term in Year 6 is riveting, informative and action-packed. There is so much happening, including trips to the County Show and our fantastic Residential Trip to Patterdale.


In English, we will be discovering descriptive features and writing about our fantastic visit to the County Show! After that, we will be learning all about the life of Charles Darwin and producing a jam-packed and informative biography about his life. We will be expand our technical SPaG knowledge, looking different work classes and sentence structures to improve our writing.


Our Maths topics will be exploring place value, the number operations and fractions. Along with this, we will be completing problem solving projects and we are starting our very exciting transition project with the Lakes School – The Tenner Project.


Our Science topic will be exploring Adaptation and Evolution, culminating in an amazing habitats project. We also learn about electrical circuits, culminating in building a, electrical circuit with a motor, which is then attached to their Grand Prix Car. These cars will be designed and engineered in art and technology sessions. The children will race their cars in the 2023 Windermere Grand Prix!


In Year 6 we work hard and progress is always rewarded, as we all aim to be the best we can be! We share and celebrate our achievements, enjoy and challenge our learning journey and value and respect our friendships.

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