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Year 6

Spring Term


Happy New Year!


Spring term is another riveting, informative and action-packed term.


In English, we will be starting by writing our 'Instructions' that will contain all the key features needed to instruct you to build your own battery-powered model car. After that, we will be experiencing what it would be like to be a person living during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890s. We will be trying to recreate the struggle to live in the harsh wild whilst being tracked by wolves and trying to find gold. We use this experience to write a narrative that will grab the reader’s attention and engross them emotionally so they can’t put our books down! As well as learning about narratives, we will be learning about and writing Articles, Diaries and Formal Letters. We will be continuing to expand our technical SPaG knowledge, looking at the use of colons and semi-colons between clauses, using dialogue to create atmosphere and advance the action, and higher-level tense work.


In the Spring term we will focus on many aspects of Maths: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Formal, Written Strategies, Fluency and Reasoning whilst Problem Solving, Geometry, Area and Perimeter. We will also be covering business elements of Maths when we participate in the Tenner project – looking at profit and loss and budgeting too. Another investigation we will be continuing to do is our Theme Park Project, where the children will be using their planning and budgeting skills to design a theme park. They will work out costs, set ticket prices, evaluate their profits and re-invest into expanding their parks.


In Science, we will look at electrical circuits and their components to link to our car chassis. We will discover symbol circuits, insulators and conductors and how much we actually rely on electricity. Accompanying this, we will investigate, build and draw a range of our own circuits.


We will delve into our Geography topic, comparing the Lake District with the other regions in the world. Here, we will be looking at the physical and human impact on the landscape. After producing a fact file on the Lakes and other areas, the children will create a comparison presentation, where they will look at the similarities and differences. As a comparison, the children will learn about the physical features and climate of the landscapes.


Year 6 will be using a range of historical sources to learn about Crime and Punishment though the ages in Britain, drawing on historical sources and accounts. The children will produce a range of work based on their learning.


In Art, the children will explore the work and art of Banksy. They will also create their own Banksy inspired work. We will also look at perspective art, where a point will be used to create a landscape picture. This will also encompass famous artists and their work.


In RE, the children will have the opportunity to explore the question, ‘What is God to us?’. This provides the children with the skills to be able to then analyse how other religions around the world view their God.


Throughout Computing, the children will learn to use PowerPoint to create a presentation promoting their work. TT Rockstars, will be used to reinforce Maths learning. The internet will be used as a research tool for projects and other class learning. Staying safe on the internet will be taught during Computing sessions. The children will learn how to program robots, learn about variables in games and experiment with data using spreadsheets.

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