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Year 6

Corona Virus Updates

Year 6 is led by Mike Corrie and Nat Norris and is supported by Caroline Hindle, Sarah Clarke and Carole Quill who cover PPA time for Year 6 teachers on Thursday afternoons each week.


We are busy this term preparing for our Tenner Project Sales at St Martin and St Mary's and the Lakes School.  This involves business groups designing Eco friendly products, carrying out market research, costing and selling an end product.  The main aim of this is to make as much profit as possible whilst having an maintaining an element of environmental consideration and teamwork.  We are hoping to beat last years astonishing profits so that our charities benefit.


We have also been busy programming our robot Rubix, designing a community project and presentation and practicing and evidencing our core values.  This is in preparation for our competition in the First Lego League County competition held at Furness College, Barrow.


We are learning the features of instructions and applying this knowledge to produce a set of instructions on how to built our Grand Prix Cars. 

Once we have finished this non narrative piece we are reading and exploring a classic novel "White Fang".  We will learn to empathise with characters in the book by putting ourselves in their shoes: stranded in a bleak icy wasteland with only wolves as company.  Our task will be to continue the narrative from a nail biting cliff hanger.


During our Maths sessions we will be focusing on reasoning skills, applying our previously learnt knowledge to tackle increasing challenging maths problems.  Building on last term we are continuing with our maths cross curricular investigation "Theme Parks", designing, costing and running a business.  We will also explore a range of mathematical concepts including Geometry, Measure, Number and Shape.


In Science the children will learn about Electricity and Circuits, designing their own circuits using scientific symbols.  This will lead onto the topic of Light where they will learn about Shadows, Reflection and Refraction.


As Christians we will look at our perception of God and compare that with other religions' and look forward to a visit from Imran from an Islamic Faith.


All in all a full and exciting term with lots going on.