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Summer Term 2021


The summer term is always a busy one in reception as we prepare the children for moving on to year 1. We will hopefully have some transition visits to our new classes and meet our new teachers.  We will be learning Transport, under the sea, plants/growing and minibeasts.  The children will continue to work on their phonics phase 3 and tricky words. We are going to be trying really hard with our writing of more complex words. This will include diagraphs (2 letters together e.g. er, oi) and tri-graphs (3 letters together e.g. igh) In our maths work we will be looking at numbers beyond 10 and looking at doubling and halving as well as 3d shapes and simple addition and subtraction. During the summer term our Swimming lessons start and we will also be having dance lessons with the wonderful Miss Nicola. Towards the end of the term we will have our sports day. We have such a lot to pack in! Phew! 



We have put on a list of websites that we use in school for you to use at home.

Reception is led by class teachers Lisa Stephenson and Charlotte Casey and supported by teaching assistants Kate Williams, Lynsey Pickup, Louise Harrison, Fiona Wood, Bev Rowlinson, Anna Afonso and Emma Proctor.