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Spring Term 2023


Happy New year and welcome back to school. We have a busy term in Reception and the children are enjoying our new whole school playtimes and making lots of new friendships with some of the KS2 children.  


Understanding the World

Reception will be thinking about our seasons and changes that happen between Winter and Spring.  We will go on walks in and around our grounds to look for signs of spring and collect objects to use within our learning.  We will look at life cycles of different animals and go outdoors and explore the pond area too support this. 


Physical Development 

We will have weekly sessions with Miss Nic learning gymnastics skills and our other PE sessions will be developing our ball skills and using small and large equipment e.g. bats and hoops. 



Within this area we will be looking at Beatrix Potter and the stories she wrote and looking at our local history and the places she lived .  We will then move on to exploring the dinosaur world and how they lived and then contrast our lives with the lives of children in other countries using stories like Hands Surprise and Your World, My World.  We will continue our phonics learning using Anima phonics and the children will continue to find out about the alternative spellings of 'rainbow words' and consonant clusters (cl, sp, sk etc..)



Reception will firstly explore the numbers 0 -10 and the composition of these numbers.  We will then look at how we can combine two amounts and compare these.  We will explore length and height using ourselves and look at mass and capacity using everyday objects.  The children will be introduced to 3D shapes and patterns and start to look at the concept of time.


Expressive Arts and Design

Within this area we will be focusing on 3D sculpture and using clay to create some of our own.  Colour mixing will be another area we will explore and learn how to create new colours using colour wheels.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will continue to think about our SEALs themes in the spring term, which are 'Going for Goals' and 'Its good too be me'. We carry this learning out in worship time, circle times and PSED sessions.



In the spring term the children think about the awe and wonder of the natural world around them and we start to look for the signs of spring.

Later on, after the half term we think about 'What do Christians celebrate Easter'?

YR National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Vision Screening for children of Reception age



We have put on a list of websites that we use in school for you to use at home.