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Our Curriculum 2020 - 2021


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St Martin and St Mary CE Primary School  provides a happy and secure environment in which the children are given a broad, deep and relevant curriculum, which is progressive across the years, appropriate to continuity and responsive to the needs of the individual child’s ability and potential.


Outdoor learning is a feature of our curriculum for our very youngest pupils to our Year 6. We have fabulous grounds and facilities which enhance our provision. Our location within the Lake District National Park, World Heritage Site enables us to extend our curriculum in a unique way.


The curriculum is carefully designed to reflect the policies of the National Curriculum and The Early Years Foundation Stage. It is led and implemented by the class teachers who work together as a team drawing upon each other’s specialist subject knowledge.


All staff work co-operatively and consistently for the good of the pupils whose progression is safe guarded by regular evaluation and assessment, which is recorded in relevant and detailed records.


The headteacher, staff and governors work in partnership with parents to provide the best education for all the children.


The successful development of the whole curriculum is dependent upon the resources available, commitment and quality of the teaching staff, teachers and teaching assistants. The curriculum is split into units of work and delivered either as a discrete subject or as part of a ‘theme’, ‘area of learning’ or ‘topic’ in a cross curricular approach. 


All pupils will be provided with access to a broad curriculum which includes the following areas of learning and experience; aesthetic, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific, spiritual and technological. We also plan activities, which relate to health education, environmental education, personal and social education.


We use Letters and Sounds for the teaching of Phonics and a wide variety of ‘reading schemes ‘  and books to support the teaching and learning of reading.


We follow the National Curriculum and EYFS curriculum but we go beyond statutory requirements, adding to and enhancing the curriculum by providing children with new experiences and ways of working.  All pupils will have opportunity to participate in educational visits and in environmental education away from the school site.  Arts and cultural projects are important to us. A whole school approach is adopted for ‘special’ times or events in the year. This unites our whole school for the mutual benefit of all.


The curriculum will be relevant to the pupils for whom it is provided in terms of their needs and interests as both children and future citizens. 


It will:


Be well matched to their learning potential and interests.

Develop confidence and independence in learning and wherever possible.

Relate to direct experience.

Have a practical application.

Relate to activities, which have real purpose and value in the wider world.

The curriculum provided for individual pupils will be well matched to their needs in terms of age, aptitude and ability.  This will require differentiation in curricular provision.  Such differentiation should be based on:-

Careful and objective assessment of achievement to date.

The identification of appropriate objectives for future learning.

The involvement of the pupil in this process.

Health and safety Issues.