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Lunch Menus

We offer a wide range of delicious meals at lunchtime, including hot cooked options and salads.  Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) are provided for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Older children can purchase a school dinner for £2.50 each day.  Our school cook is able to cater for allergies, please contact school to discuss your child's individual needs. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL, THEREFORE PLEASE ENSURE THAT PACKED LUNCHES AND SNACKS DO NOT CONTAIN ANY NUTS.


Free School Meals


Families in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to a free school meal.  Please also see the pupil premium information.  The claim for is available from the school office.  It needs returning to the school office.


Packed Lunches


Parents may choose to send their child to school with a packed lunch.  Our school promotes healthy eating so no sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks are allowed.


Drinks and Snacks


Key Stage 2 children can bring in a healthy piece of fruit or nut free cereal bar for morning break.  The infant and nursery children are provided with a piece of fruit at each morning break. 


Children are given the opportunity to drink water throughout the day.  We encourage children to bring a bottle of water, marked with their name, which they can refill at school should they need to.

Dolce & Schoolgrid

From Monday the 30th October 2023, Dolce will be our new school meals provider, employing our current kitchen team to prepare and serve children at lunchtime, please see the letter and leaflet below along with link to their website for more details - 

When will Dolce be taking over?

Dolce will be taking over from Monday the 30th October 2023, although when you log into SchoolGrid it looks like you can order from today, this is a technical fault and has been raised with Dolce and SchoolGrid who are in the process of rectifying this.


When can I start choosing meals for after half term?

You can start choosing meals for your child or with your child from now for Monday the 30th October onwards. Please ensure meal choices have been made before Monday the 30th October onwards, before or during half term so Dolce can start placing their food orders. You can order flexibly, either day by day or up to a full term in advance.


What are the meal choices?

Each day there will be a choice of 4 meals, 2 mains, a sandwich or a jacket potato.


Do I need to tell Dolce if my child receives Free School Meals?

The school will ensure SchoolGrid are aware of the children who receive Free School Meals, therefore when you choose your meals there will be no charge.


What do I need to do if my child/children have dietary requests, requirements, or allergens?

Please can we ask families of children who have any dietary requests, requirements or allergens to ensure they are entered on to SchoolGrid. Dolce asked Parents provide this information rather than it being transferred from school records. If you have any questions in regard to this please contact Dolce directly to discuss menus.


Do I still need to choose my child meals if they are in Reception to Year 2 as they receive Universal Free School Meals?

Children in Reception to Year 2 are all entitled to universal free school meals so will not have to pay for their school meal, but parents will still need to go onto SchoolGrid and choose their child’s/children’s meal for each day. Currently children in Reception to Year 2 are asked to have school meals everyday or packed lunches everyday, with Dolce you can choose which days your child has school meals and which days they bring a packed lunch, you will also have the choice of a jacket potato or sandwich each day.   


What happens if my child/children are absent from school?

If your child/children are absent from school, please ensure you cancel your child’s/children’s meals for that day, otherwise Dolce will charge you for that meal.


How do I pay for Dolce school meals?

Dolce/SchoolGrid is a pre-payment service, therefore we advise you add funds before choosing meals as the system will not allow you to order unless there is credit on your account.


Contact details

Dolce - 01942 707 709 - Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm -

SchoolGrid - 01506 300 310 - 8:30am to 4:30pm -