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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School


Autumn Term


We are welcoming 18 new children into Nursery. Our older children have matured so much over the last few months and they are good at showing the younger children what to do.


After the new children have visited and have settled in, we introduce our weekly themes starting with: -


Numbers, shapes & colours

All our activities focus on numbers, shapes and colours. With numbers we concentrate on numbers 1 – 20. There are opportunities to play number games with an adult in a small group; print with numbers; join in with singing number rhymes; have a go at number jigsaws; use number mats on the carpet and have a go at writing numbers on whiteboards.


Shapes – We put out lots of activities involving shapes; magnetic shapes; 2 and 3D shapes in the tuff spot; playing shape games, shape jigsaws, making pictures using shapes, cutting out 2D shapes and using shapes to make a house. 


Colours – We sing colour songs on the whiteboards; play colour games; play in coloured water; make parrots with coloured feathers; colour mix and use coloured pegs to explore patterns.


Mind, Body & Soul

During this week, in Nursery, we will be exploring this theme through a range of activities such as painting to music, taking part in yoga and exploring textures, tastes and smells. We will also be sharing the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ and creating a friendship display with the children.


People who help us

We provide lots of activities such as rescue boats in the water, emergency services dressing up clothes, stick puppets and our lovely new Let’s Pretend ‘Emergency’ role play area. We also look at lots of books about ‘People Who Help Us’. The interactive whiteboards are used to show videos about emergency services.



This week is a fun week where there are castles and figures in the small world area, books, colouring and sparkly, bubbly water. Our role play area becomes a magical castle and we make magic wands, have pictures of fairies to cut out and stick.



We think about autumn using information books and videos. Our ‘Tuff’ spot contains Signs of Autumn from outside with magnifying glasses for a closer look. We put out autumn coloured paint or chalks and leaf stampers. There are conkers in the sand and pine cones and apples with spoons and ladles in the water. We have conkers out for counting, leaves to colour in and autumn themed cutting. We have pumpkins and spoons for the children to scoop out and we go outside looking for signs of autumn.


After half term we start by looking at Traditional stories – themed over three weeks:


We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the children can then listen to, and re tell the story using puppets and figurines. There are pictures to color in, mats in the play dough and games to play.


Again, we tell the story of the Three Little Pigs and we watch it on the whiteboard and the children can then listen to and tell the story themselves using figurines. Straw, sticks and bricks are in the water tray and the same in the sand. The children can build their own little pig houses in the construction area and make them out of boxes in the creative area. We also encourage the children to cut out, colour in and sequence the story with the help of an adult.


The story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff we put in the listening area, including figurines for the children to retell the story. They can have a go at making bridges for the goats to cross, colour in pictures and use the puppets to tell the story.


These stories enable us to talk about ‘stranger/danger’, which usually includes a visit from our community police officers.


We will also be celebrating the Indian festival of Diwali through stories and activities such as making Rangoli patterns using sand or sequins, colouring in pictures and making lamps using clay. The children’s creations are then displayed in our Festivals and Celebrations area along with information books and photographs all about Diwali.


On November 5th we have paint and chalk out so the children can create their own firework pictures. We also have a go at making rockets in the creative area and fireworks can be created using an activity on the whiteboards.


Christmas - The term ends, of course with Christmas and we love Christmas in nursery! We have a week where we look at the story ‘Stick man’ and then we introduce the Christmas story to the children and write letters to Father Christmas. The classroom turns in to a wonderful, colourful environment and the children make cards, calendars and decorations so Nursery looks lovely and festive! Our displays change and we put lots of photographs on Tapestry, so parents know exactly what their children have been busy doing! We have a week where parents can come in and play, see our lovely displays and listen to our Christmas songs. We will also have a wonderful Christmas party with food & party games.