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Summer Term 2019


We have welcomed 9 new children into Nursery this term.


Our nursery is an amazing place; our two large rooms are filled with lots of learning areas that the children can access themselves. Each area has a range of activities for the children to do and these are enhanced weekly according to the topic or theme that we are doing. When the children come into Nursery, they can choose which areas to play in or access our lovely outdoors. We also have snack time where we offer milk, water, fruit, breadstick or a biscuit. The adults are always there to help, and they may have their own focused activity such as playing a game or something creative. We also have small group times where we focus on Maths, Phonics, music and outdoor learning. Towards the end of the session, we tidy up and then end with a story, singing or even dancing! During the week children can choose a book from our nursery ‘library’ to take home and read.


Once our new children have settled, we enjoy a colour, shape and number week, before we start looking at our topics which this term include ‘Bears’ and ‘Seaside and Holidays’ We start off by looking at bear stories; including Goldilocks and the 3 bears and We’re going on a bear hunt. Activities we do include going on a bear hunt, bringing our teddies for a teddy bears picnic, painting pictures of bears and changing our Let’s pretend areas into the three bears cottage and teddy bears picnic wood. After the half term with have a mini beast week, then think about the seaside, including an exciting pirate week, before we finally think about under the sea and holidays. We dress up as pirates and make treasure maps. go on walks to look for bugs and wildlife and hopefully if the weather is nice, we can use our wonderful playground and the grassy area opposite nursery or explore the schools’ wildlife area.


Please also find our Nursery Newsletter for your information