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Spring Term 2020


We have welcomed 16 new children into Nursery this term and they are settling in well. After two weeks of visits and admissions we introduce our weekly themes –


Happy and Sad


In this week, we think about our feelings; being kind to each other and sharing and taking turns. We paint feelings faces, make paper plate faces, complete face and people puzzles, colour in paper people and look at our reflections in coloured water.


The Gruffalo


We share the Gruffalo story with the children and then we put the book, a CD and figures in the listening area so they can re tell the story. There are Gruffalo playdough mats, a lotto game to play and Gruffalo pictures to colour in.


Day and Night


In this week, we think about ‘Day & Night’ and space. We have the rockets and spacemen out to play with and the children can have a go at trying to light up a bulb using a circuit. In the Pavilla we have stars on the ceiling and torches. There are also lots of moons and stars to decorate, cut out or colour in. Our story will be Owl Babies so we will also be giving the children the opportunity to create owl pictures and play with owl puppets.


Chinese New Year


This is an exciting week in Nursery when we focus on Chinese New Year (year of the rat) and how it is celebrated. We change our ‘Let’s Pretend’ area into a Chinese restaurant and there will be prawn crackers to taste; the children are encouraged to have a go at taking orders and serving the food. We also taste noodles, spring rolls and prawn toast at snack time. Our brilliant parent helpers and students will help the children to make Chinese lanterns, lucky money bags and gold pictures on red paper.


Hot and Cold


This week we look at how water freezes; taste exotic fruit; drink hot chocolate and use fruit to print patterns with.

It is also Valentine’s Day so we will be making Valentines biscuits, cards and decorating hearts.

Wet and Windy weather

Hopefully the weather will be windy this week then the children can make streamers and kites and have a go at using them! If it rains, we have lots of umbrellas we can use. The children will be able to paint patterns on umbrellas and kites; dress up in waterproof clothes; play with boats in the water; have a go at weather jigsaws and watch and join in with weather stories and songs. This week is also Shrove Tuesday so we will show the children how to make pancakes that they can eat at snack time!


How plants change and grow


Following on from thinking about the weather, we start looking at how things change, this week is all about plants. We will paint observational pictures of flowers; read stories about plants, flowers and look at our environment; our school grounds are a wonderful place in which to do this.


It is also world book day – big friends from year 6 will come

down to Nursery and play with the children as well as read lots of stories.


How animals change and grow


This week has us thinking about animals and how they change and grow. We look at spring babies such as lambs and chicks either through a story or on the Interactive whiteboard. The children can make egg box caterpillars, use animal moulds in the sand and animal cutters in the play dough; match animal mothers and babies in the puzzle and games area and play with fish, turtles and ducks in the water. On the Friday it is Sports relief day so the children can come dressed in something ‘sporty’ or colourful.


How we change and grow


In the last two weeks of term, our focus is on ourselves and how we change and grow. The children can paint pictures of themselves or of people they want to be when they are grown up. There are faces to colour in, sequencing jigsaws of children, the opportunity to bath babies in the water tray and play with baby toys, as well as looking at books that are all about babies or growing. It is also Mother’s Day so we will be busy baking and making cards.


Easter falls in our holiday, but we will think about this celebration in the last week of term. Children can make hats and cards, taste hot cross buns, go on an egg hunt and make Easter nests that they hope the Easter bunny will fill with eggs.

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