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Year 5

Year 5 Summer Term


Welcome to the Summer Term in year 5, we have a busy term exploring the universe, dealing with invaders, helping Tom to save the Midnight Fox and getting to grips with those fractions.


First of all, swimming will start the week beginning the 19th April and our swimming morning will be on Thursday each week.


Our Science work will be all about the Solar System; finding out about the Earth and beyond. We will be researching about the Seasons, Day and night, the Orbit of the Earth, Sun and Moon and learning about the other planets close by.


In History, we will learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and how their lives were affected by the invasion of the Vikings.


We will be covering a new topic for geography which will focus on Tropical Rainforests, their eco-systems and the impact on the environments and people’s lives.  We will look at the habitat and the special eco systems. An exciting new topic for us to investigate.


In English, we will finish our story of The Midnight Fox, what will happen to Tom? Then move onto looking at a film narrative and writing a short flashback scene.


Lots of exciting and challenging learning to look forward to.