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Year 5

Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, we will revisit place value as with particular focus on larger numbers and decimals. In English, we will produce a non-chronological report based on our Ancient Egyptian history topic and then find out what life was like in medieval times, when Robin Hood ‘robbed from the rich to give to the poor’.


Our Science topic is ‘Materials’. We will look at the properties of materials and investigate which materials are best to keep us warm out in the mountains.


All our history work will link with the Ancient Egyptians and what life was like for an Egyptian child at that time. We investigate ‘Tutankhamun’ and the discovery of the young pharaoh’s tomb. We will create bookmarks using hieroglyphics in art before focusing on a local Lakeland artist.


One of our biggest projects this term is designing and creating slippers. The children always enjoy the challenge, although they can find stitching a challenge, especially those tricky blanket stiches. But it is worth it in the end.


Of course there is the excitement of our residential to Patterdale and we will be planning our own walk to follow when we are there and prepare for a big night of ‘Mrs Britton’s Got Talent’, our own variety show that people can sign up to take part in.


An exciting term ahead, with lots of sport and opportunity to excel.


Lots of things that can showcase your talents as a year 5!