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Year 5

Summer Term


Year 5 is led by Mrs Britton and Mrs Metcalf and are supported by various teaching assistants helping with individuals, groups and planning time.


As usual, Year 5 Summer Term is packed full of activities and learning.  In English we will be looking at "The Piano" and how film makers portray the narrative, characters and emotions felt, before writing our own stories based on the content of the film.  In Maths we will cover Geometry, Perimeter and Area including our weekly Times Tables Rockstars challenges.


Other areas we will be covered will be Rivers in Geography and in History all about the Anglo-Saxons and how village life changed and explore what the Vikings did for us in Britain and then how successful were they at keeping control.


We will also be continuing with our swimming lessons, games lessons, computing, art and science as well as taking part in our swimming gala and our fun packed sports day. 


What a jam-packed term!