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Year 5

Autumn Term


Year 5 is led by Mrs Britton, Mrs Metcalf and Mrs Storey. They are supported by various teaching assistants helping with individuals, groups and planning time.


As usual, Year 5’s Autumn Term is packed full of activities and learning. In English we will be researching and writing reports about the Ancient Egyptians and we will be learning about the war poets and examining some of their poetry linked to Remembrance Day. In Maths we will be developing our understanding of place value and informal and formal strategies linked to Addition and Subtraction. We will take part in investigations and problem solving activities, which will give us the opportunity to deepen our understanding further.


In Geography we will learn to follow maps using four and six figure grid references and in History we will learn about life in the ancient civilisation of Egypt. We will finish off our term by planning and making a cosy pair of slippers in our Art and Technology sessions.


Our Games and PE sessions will continue to be both challenging and fun. We will improve our ability to play team sports like netball and hockey, as well as learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet.


What a jam-packed term!