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At pre school during the Autumn term we will be focusing on the following topics:


We are looking at Diwali and we will learn the Diwali story and how it is celebrated and create Rangoli patterns and we will light a Diva. 


We will look at how we can keep ourselves safe at Bonfire time and will create bonfire pictures. Alongside this we will look at Strange Danger and practice how to say no and walk away if we are unsure.


During Rememberance week we will learn the meaning behind the poppies and make our own for a display.  We will take time to reflect and be mindful of our world and our friends.  Following this we will be concentrating on Maths Mastery and learn about King 1 and Tommy 2 from Ten Town.  We will be doing lots of number games and activities.  


After a fun filled term we will be finishing with learning the Christmas Story and the birth of Jesus, we will spend this time to focus on friendship, love and giving.  We will also be creating lots of Christmas crafts and activities, Christmas parties and a visit from a special person!  

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