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At pre school during the summer term we will be focusing on the following topics:


We will be looking at the season of summer and doing some planting in our new garden area.


Going on a walk around the school grounds to see the changes summer have brought to our environment.


The children will learn about sun safety and how to keep themselves safe in the sun. In conjunction with this we will have role play areas related to holidays, beaches, picnics and BBQ’s.


We will spend some time on the KS1 adventure playground and on the pre school climbing frame, to teach them how to judge risk for themselves and encourage large body movement.


At the beginning of the term as part of Healthy eating week, the children will be learning about the things they need to do to keep their body healthy, eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, drinking water, exercising, brushing their teeth, and sleeping. The children will be doing various activities to help them learn about different fruit and vegetables, such as preparing healthy snacks for them to eat at snack time.

Pre school is going to spend a few weeks focusing on maths mastery and learning about Ten Town. Ten Town is a new maths programme the school have invested in for the Early years  foundation stage. This teaches the children about the different numbers, counting and number formation in a fun and engaging way.


Throughout our learning we have embedded sign along. The children have been really captivated by learning sign language and every week we are teaching the children new signs to help them communicate with each other and the adults. We will continue to build on this further.

To encourage and further boost language development we are continually singing nursery rhymes  and reading stories to the children .

Throughout the term we are going to promote listening skills with various activities at large group time.


Other days of significance that pre school will touch on are Father’s day and take part in sports day.


Near the end of term we will take the children who are moving onto nursery on short transition visits to nursery to meet their new teachers and have a explore of their new class room.

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