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Autumn Term 2021


This term starts with us welcoming returning faces and new friends to Preschool and once everyone has settled into the preschool day our planned learning activities begin.


This term we are exploring our emotions and spending time learning how to be kind, share, respect and be helpful to each other. This is learnt through modelled behavour, the older children share their games and toys with new friends and buddy the younger children – the older children help lead our new friends to wash their hands at snack time and show them where their drinks bottles are etc.

This leads us into talking about our emotions and how to recognize and deal with them, we do this through shared stories and by using visual reference pebbles that the children can explore and talk about.


Once Autumn arrives, we explore the changing season, its colours and sounds and go on treasure hunt walks to find and collect Autumnal treasure to use in our craft work and explore with magnifying glasses. We look at the Harvest Festival and the meaning behind this.


The Indian festival of Diwali provides us with a wonderful colourful learning opportunity in November- we design our own Rangoli patterns and explore the story behind Diwali in a child friendly way.


Bonfire night gives us the opportunity to also talk about fire and personal safety.


The term ends, of course with Christmas and we love Christmas in Preschool! We introduce the Christmas story to the children and have our own role play stable. Our craft work takes on a whole new level as we enjoy a glitter fest almost every day!