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Pre-schools summer term planning


During the first week of pre school we are going to focus on our school values of love and friendship as we welcome some new friends into the setting. We will do this by reading stories and talking about who we love and what makes a good friend.

Week 2: we are going to focus on what our 5 senses are. We will be doing lots of messy/sensory play, listening to different sounds and tasting new foods. Great fun!

Week 3: Maths mastery week, we will be learning about ten town and the numbers 1-5.

Week 4; People who help us week. This week we are focusing on all the different people who help us and the different jobs they do. These will include the dentist, paramedics and police and fire officers.

Week 5: Moving our bodies. This week is about all the different ways we can move our bodies, we will also be incorporating some yoga and mindfulness.

Week 6: This week we will be re capping on what we learnt in week 3 and doing some more maths mastery work.

Week 7: As part of pre schools smile for life award we will be looking at healthy eating and what’s good for our body and teeth. This week will include more moving of our bodies and learning why it’s important to drink water for a healthy body.

Week 8: Summer; This week we will be looking at the world around us and looking at the changes that summer has brought. Alongside this we will be teaching sun safety.

Week 9: Carrying on from summer week we will be doing some planting and growing of flowers and vegetables.

Week 10; Alphabet week; This week we are going to look at the initial letter of the children’s names and name/recognize them. Go on letter hunts and learn how to sign our name.

Week 11/12; During these last two weeks of the summer term we will be preparing for transitions, talking to the children who are moving to nursery about their new class and teachers, looking at photos at what is on offer at nursery and hopefully going for a little visit (covid permitting). Alongside this we will be doing lots of story book reading and singing.