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Spring half term curriculum 4th January – 17th February 2023


At the beginning of this half term we say a fond farewell to some of our older children as they move to Nursery and a cheery hello to new friends who are joining us. The first couple of weeks at the beginning of a new term can sometimes be a worrying time for our new children and their families so we always enjoy a period of getting to know each other and sharing favourite stories and songs. This is also a great time for our older children to be thoughtful of the golden rules at Pre School so that they are able to enrich the experience of their friends both old and new.


Winter features in this half term with the Preschool turning into a winter wonderland as we learn about the season and what it entails – we “build” an igloo, embrace the weather outside, learn about clothing and traditions from around the world.


Chinese New Year is always a great celebration, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. There will be lots of fabulously colourful activities to enjoy including Chinese cooking and eating, dragon dancing and drumming, a Chinese role play restaurant and lantern making.


Sensory week involves learning about our senses and this always provides a great opportunity for some very messy play and learning! Mud, shaving foam, paints, beans, jelly – you name it we have used it!


And, just before we break for the February half term we will explore our emotions which ties in with Valentine’s Day when we talk about who we love, how we show love, respect and kindness to each other.

Pre-School structure to our day

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