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Information To Support Safeguarding

National Online Safety

Our school subscribes to an online resource called National Online Safety. This organisation is a 'one stop shop' for parents, families and staff working in schools for up to date Safeguarding information, training, and guidance.


Here you will find;

  • Up to date information for parents about the latest online crazes and hypes
  • Advice about how to keep your child safe online - education for you about the latest apps and online games and what to do if you're worried
  • Warnings about scams and websites that might put your child and your family at risk
  • Free training courses, podcasts and seminars to help you understand your child's online world

National Online Safety - Guidance and Advice for Families, Children and Teachers (Examples)

Educate Against Hate

This link will take parents to the Educate Against Hate website. The purpose of this website is to provide practical advice, support and resources to protect children from extremism and radicalisation.


Anyone can be vulnerable to extremism and radicalisation, but children are particularly at risk.