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Physical Education

Physical Education  PE


Physical Education at St Martin and St Mary Church of England Primary School is valued for its unique contribution to developing children’s physical, social, interpersonal and emotional skills.  It provides opportunities for children to be creative and competitive while learning to work with and respect others.


We believe that P.E is fun and something that we hope the children will really enjoy. We aim to encourage the children to stay physically active and promote a positive attitude towards active lifestyles. This is provided by the children having access to a wide range of sporting extra-curricular clubs which accommodate a wide variety of interests both during and after school. We promote positive attitudes and dispositions toward learning.


The children learn specific skills and refine and improve existing ones. The children develop confidence to evaluate their own and other performances and reflect on how they can improve. They learn to work as a team in pairs and small groups as well as taking part in competitive experiences so that they develop a greater awareness of the importance for their actions as well as winning.


Children in all year groups have access to at least 2 hours per week. In the Foundation Stage children are encouraged to access a wide range of physical activity provision throughout the indoor and outdoor classroom as well as taking part in set PE sessions. Physical Development is one of the areas in the Early Year Foundation Stage where children learn to explore, experiment and refine their social, gross and fine motor skills.


In Key Stage 1 children build on their early experiences and move into paired and group activities. They begin to play different games, explore and link actions, improve coordination and balance. They begin to express ideas and feelings about their own performances. In Key Stage 2 Children build on their previous experiences through a broader PE curriculum. Our children develop skills in all areas of hockey, football, netball, tennis, cricket, athletics, tag rugby, gymnastics, dance and swimming.


We are fortunate to have wonderful indoor and outdoor facilities, including large hall spaces, a huge sports field, AstroTurf football pitches, tennis courts and a heated swimming pool.


We ensure that our children progress according to their own ability and provide additional opportunities for those who require further support and for those who are identified as gifted and talented.  St Martin and St Mary’s actively promote and value its links with both local and regional sports clubs and regularly host and access their academy programmes for our gifted and talented pupils.