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Year 2

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Spring Term Week 8

Spring Term Week 7

Year 2 Knowledge Organisers

Year 2 is led by Louise Swindlehurst and Ben Brown, the class teachers, along with the help and support from Cathy Noble, Ewa Stander and Fiona Wood. It has been so lovely to see all of our Year 2 children to return to school. We have been busy focussing on learning our new routines and what has changed around school.  


We enjoyed a nature walk around our school grounds last week. Suddenly we were faced with the task of searching for Little Red Riding Hood as we had been told she was missing! Not only did we find signs of Autumn on our walk but we also found evidence that the Big Bad Wolf had been prowling around our school grounds. Let’s hope we find Little Red Riding hood soon! 


Our focus for maths has been number and place value. We are trying hard to consolidate lots of Year 1 learning as well as introducing our new topics for this term. We are enjoying using White Rose Maths and you can have a look at the learning videos at home too.  


During the afternoons we will be finding out about our local area, learning the countryside code, thinking about Harvest, exploring our grounds and thinking about the seasons and changes.  

Year 2 Spring Curriculum Coverage

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