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Year 2

Remote Learning Week Beginning 18/10/21

Remote Learning Week beginning 11/10/21

We are so excited for Autumn Term and already have many fabulous things to look forward to, starting with our first Countryside Explorers adventures! We will be heading off up Orrest Head and into St Catherine's Wood very soon and not long after we will be walking through Sherriff's Wood and onto the Windermere Jetty Museum. This is our first visit to the Jetty Museum for Year 2, so we are very excited! 


We start the year exploring traditional tales and thinking about characters. Hopefully we won't meet any 'bad' characters when we are out and about in our local area.

Year 2 Sports Festival

Summer Term 2021


Year 2 is led by Louise Swindlehurst and Ben Brown, the class teachers, along with the help and support from Cathy Noble, Ewa Stander and Fiona Wood.


Summer Term is going to be a busy one for Year 2. Already, one week in, the children have produced some fabulous work and we have enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine. We begin with reading and exploring George's Marvellous Medicine. We will create our own potions and medicines and explore the characters in the text. To link with the story, we plan to find out about different inventors and their inventions. 

Further on into the term we are looking forward to finding out about habitats and exploring our local environment. Hopefully we might even manage a local trip too! We also have sports day and swimming to look forward to.

Year 2 Knowledge Organisers

Year 2 Spring Curriculum Coverage

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