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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School

Year 3

Spring Term


Year 3 is led by Cath Greenall, Cathy Hinkins and Lauren Aspinwall and supported by Sue Storey and Carole Quill.


Happy New Year! 


We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to Year 3, ready for another fun-packed term.


In History we will firstly be studying The Roman invasion of Britain and the impact the Romans had on our technology, cultures and beliefs. The second half of the term sees us investigating life as an Anglo-Saxon. Learning about their invasions, settlements and kingdoms and exploring place names, village life, art and culture.  We will also link our learning with Global issues of today. 


As well as this we will continue exploring multiplication and division, thinking about grouping and sharing, using arrays, pictorial interpretations and also the application of concrete apparatus to aid understanding. 


Escape from Pompeii story book will be at the centre of our English work and inspire us to write for a range of real purposes and audiences.  In Science, we shall be investigating light, including shadows and reflection, followed later in the term with our forces and magnets topic; investigating the resistance caused by different surfaces.


We think about our family units in PSHE and the ways in which we care for each other, this is then expanded to include our school and the wider community we live in. We will continue to develop our RE knowledge of sacred places and religious leaders finishing off the term with our Easter themed celebrations.


As the Spring Term comes to an end we shall be participating in World Book Day! It gives us a fantastic opportunity to share the love of reading with all our Year 3 children!


Wow – so much to look forward to!