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Year 3



Year 3 is led by Cath Greenall, Jane Williamson and Helen Whitehead and supported by Sarah Clarke, Dawn Remnant, Cathy Noble, Caroline Hindle, and Carole Quill.


This term in English we will be focusing on sequencing stories and beginning to edit our own work to improve punctuation and description within our sentences. Individual poetry writing, writing in role and collaborative script writing will also feature as the children explore these different techniques. We will also continue to have weekly spelling tests.  In Maths we will be looking at Place Value and formal methods of Addition and Subtraction.  Alongside this we will be doing our Times Tables Rockstar sessions, please make sure that children learn their multiplication tables at home.  In Science we are investigating Animals including Humans, which includes the importance of nutrition and the role different types of skeletons play. There are lots of other subjects that we will cover this term and this information can be found in the Autumn Term Booklet.