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Year 3



Year 3 is led by Jane Williamson and Helen Whitehead and supported by Sarah Clarke, Cathy Noble and Carole Quill.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to Year 3, ready for another fun-packed term.


After a fun-packed Spring term, we are eager to continue our learning and have a very busy Summer term ahead of us.


This term we are studying Mighty Mountains and the Stone Age as our main History and Geography topics. In Science our key focuses are Plants and in the second part of the term Rocks, whilst in Maths we will be exploring fractions, shape and measures.  Our main focus this term in English is to write creatively around the book ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady - we will also focus on instructional writing later in the term.


Outside of the classroom we are also looking forward to our Outdoor Education day at Rydal Caves where we will be cooking on Trangias and using our Orienteering skills to navigate ourselves around Borrans Park.


This term we will also begin our swimming lessons, our day is a Tuesday; please make sure that your child has the appropriate kit. 


We would love to see as many parents and friends as possible at our Y3 Swimming Gala on the morning of Tuesday 16th July and our KS2 Sports Day on the afternoon of Thursday 18th July.

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