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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School

Year 3

Autumn Term


Year 3 is led by Cath Greenall, Cathy Hinkins and Lauren Aspinwall and supported by Sue Storey and Carole Quill.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Year 3 for a fun packed and exciting Autumn Term!


We shall begin our term, in History, we shall be learning all about The Stone Age and visiting the amazing St Catherine’s Wood to have an immersive experience of living as they did in the Stone Age. Here we will explore the type of homes they built and lived in, how they made their clothing and the importance of fire for cooking, warmth and light.


Later in the term, our Geography learning will study our local area. We will be planning and enjoying a fieldwork investigation through our village, so look out for us out and about with our clipboards!


Our Science begins with nutrition, when we shall investigate what makes a healthy diet. We will later explore and find out all about the skeletons of animals and humans, and then we shall have great fun experimenting with rocks, fossils and soils. So get ready for some exciting learning!


As well as all of this excitement we pack in lots of learning in school by exploring the four operations used in Mathematics and we challenge ourselves on our tables facts using Times Tables Rock Stars! We will be writing recounts, diaries, information texts and creative stories in English. We encourage a love of reading with our rewarding Year Three Reading Challenge!


As our Autumn Term comes to an end we shall be getting into the festive spirit by practising Christmas songs and understanding how Christians celebrate Advent in other countries, we will have Polish feast and make Norwegian decorations.


In Year 3 hard work and progress is always rewarded, as we all aim to be the best we can be! We share and celebrate our achievements, enjoy and challenge of our learning journey and value and respect our friendships.


Year 3 is a great place to be! We have so much to look forward to!