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Year 4

Spring Term


Happy New Year!


We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to Year 4 ready for another fun-packed term.


This term Year 4 will be learning about a range of kings and queens from throughout history, including William the Conqueror, King John, King Henry VIII, Queen Anne and Queen Victoria. We will also explore the role of the British monarchy today.


Geography lessons this term are linked with a river study.  Later this term we look forward to some field work; investigating the journey of a local river as we follow it from source to mouth. We will also study the features of rivers and think about how they shape and change the landscape in which we live.


In English, we will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and completing a range of writing tasks based on the events in the story. Our Art work will also be based around the Iron Man, where the children will produce chalk drawings and a watercolour picture.


During Maths lessons, children will be using their multiplication and division skills to investigate the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes. They will be moving on to working with fractions and decimals. In preparation for the 12x12 multiplication skills check in June, children will continue to work on their recall of times tables, which we encourage your support with at home.


Other activities will include making pop-up books in Design and Technology and investigating the digestive system, teeth and food chains in Science.


Wow! So much to look forward to!

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