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Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4


Happy New Year!


This term Year 4 will be travelling back in time to explore the world and culture of the Ancient Greeks!


In English we will be immersing ourselves in Greek Myths, understanding the structure of the story, along with the style of characters in order to become authors and write our very own Greek Myth!


In History we will be ‘donning’ our archaeology hats as we learn how to use sources of evidence to tell us about life in Ancient Greece and assess the truth behind the myths. We will find out more about key events and people of that times, and consider their significant to history.


The children will have a homework project to complete about Ancient Greek Architecture.


Other activities include making pop-up books; investigating the digestive system and using textiles to depict Ancient Greek Myths.




Year 4 is led by Rebecca Foster, Lorraine Howarth, Catherine Greenall, Becky Gibbs, Miss Remnant, Carole Quill and Caroline Hindle.



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