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Welcome toSt Martin & St Mary Church ofEngland Primary School

Year 4

Autumn Term


Year 4 is led by Mrs Rebecca Foster, Mrs Helen Whitehead and Mrs Rebecca Gibbs and is supported by Mrs Cathy Noble.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Year 4 for a fun-packed and exciting Autumn Term!


We shall begin our History learning by studying The Ancient Greeks. We will be finding out about everyday life, the Ancient Olympics and how they still influence our lives today.


Later on in the term, in Geography, we shall be learning all about the wider world, including finding continents and countries in atlases, the tropics and why we have different time zones around the world.


Our Science learning begins with Sound, when we shall investigate how we hear sounds and how our ear works. We will explore through experiments the pitch and volume of sounds.


As well as all of this excitement, we pack in lots of learning in school by exploring the four operations used in Mathematics and we challenge ourselves on our tables facts using Times Tables Rock Stars! We will be writing Ancient Greek myths, a non-chronological report and Japanese Haiku poetry.


In Year 4 we work hard and progress is always rewarded, as we all aim to be the best we can be! We share and celebrate our achievements, enjoy and challenge our learning journey and value and respect our friendships.


Year 4 is a great place to be! We have so much to look forward to!

Welcome to Year 4 Booklet